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# Creek Open Source Projects
### [See the wiki for information.](
## Node.js Projects
### Audio Server
A server that turns JSON files into radio studio / record studios. It allows Node.js to do robust audio stuff. It needs a process manager / downloader, so that people can easily install the binary directly from npm (`npm install -g @creek/audio-server`) and start recording/streaming/playing audio in their studio.
### Radio Automation Platform
A desktop/cloud music automation platform (Vue + Electron) that plays songs , to be used in a few thousand restaurants and indie/nonprofit/college radio stations.
### Audio Website Framework
A Vue.js-based framework for building audio-based websites. Demo:
### Live Streaming Framework
Turn a DigitalOcean droplet into a live streaming server. Just connect your studio.
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It's all in the wiki. All of it. Except for the secret projects.
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